All fabrics have been treated to repel water and liquids from their surfaces whilst keeping fully breathable. Unlike organic materials where fungi proliferate with the help of warm moist conditions, Deluxe 100% solution dyed acrylic is a synthetic polymer fabric which repels water and prevents the development of mould. Plain water will take care of most situations, but its good to know that dirt can be removed with almost any household cleaner, including bleach! Quick drying and wrinkle free fabrics will look great for years.

Classic Fabrics (AcrisoL®)

The Premium INDOOR and OUTDOOR fabric collection is characterised by its soft and pleasant to the touch fabric quality, which is presented in the most extensive Acrylic dralon® fabric collection, they are resistant to water, stains and also very respectful of the environment. In this collection the linear and plain motifs stand out, with its wealth of textures and colour gamut. A fabrics collection that gives a personal touch in decorating your favourite spaces. There is no limit to ideas!

Supreme Fabrics (AGORA®)

Fibre Art For Performance Fabrics – 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic fibre brings strength, quality, easy care, durability and an unmatched resistance to fading and degrading. Guaranteed a 5 year guarantee** against loss of colour due to sunlight exposure. The colour pigments are injected into the structure of the fibre itself during production. The colour is then permanent for the life of the fabric, and does not fade when exposed to UV rays. The best process and the best materials used to obtain high performance fabrics. Deluxe a luxury fabric that allows you to add a personal touch. An alchemy of colours are available through from the Plains to the textured fabrics, which give striking colours and hues that can transform any furniture or creative ideas.



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