About Rattan Cushions

How many times have you bought “Garden Furniture” and the set looks great for six months or a year and then the cushions start looking thin, shabby and dirty. The furniture is designed and made to last 10 years, but the cushions that come with it are normally made from the cheapest fabrics, lowest grade foams and sewn in a sweat shop in Vientnam!


How do you replace the cushions? With great difficulty is the answer….until now!


This is where Rattan Cushions come in…. we provide UK quality made cushions, using top grade fabrics (which you can choose) and by only using the best foams available to give you cushions that will be with you for a long time. Our cushions will enhance your garden furniture and make you the envy of your neighbours.


You can order online, send us an email (sales@rattancushions.co.uk) or call us to discuss your needs. We also provide a measuring service where we can visit your home or premises and measure all the sizes for you (subject to a call out charge, which is then discounted if you order the cushions), taking all the hassle away and making your life easier. For example, we provided this service for The Nottinghamshire Golf Club who ordered over 100 new seat cushions to enhance their furniture.


Rattan Cushions are based in Nottingham, the heart of the country and thus being able to provide our on-site measuring service to most places.


What sets us apart is the Quality, Service and Managing Customer Expectations. We only use high Quality fabrics, Foams and Seamstresses with over 10 years’ experience in upholstery manufacturing….A Winning Combination to give our customers a superb, high quality 5 star product!


What are you waiting for…?

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